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Generator-M-Ionic: HTML5 mobile app development evolved


Almost a year ago, ditching development of our own mobile framework lead to the genesis of Generator-M – our advanced open-source generator for HTML5 mobile apps. Since then it’s been receiving increasing support from the community and we are enjoying very much to see it grow. Today we’re announcing a new feature-packed version 1.3.0 and a new name for the project: namely Generator-M-Ionic. Find out why we think the new name better reflects the direction our generator is heading into and why it should be your first choice for professional HTML5 mobile app development with Ionic.

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Static website generator with Grunt.js


In order to implement static websites, a commonly used tool are content management systems (CMS); they provide the separation of design, structure and content; enable multiple users to contribute to the content of the site and allow the scheduling of content publication, among other features. However, the use of CMS limits the customization of the website and also restricts the developer to use a certain structure, not to mention the costs, not all content management systems are open sourced.

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