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Generator-M-Ionic: HTML5 mobile app development evolved


Almost a year ago, ditching development of our own mobile framework lead to the genesis of Generator-M – our advanced open-source generator for HTML5 mobile apps. Since then it’s been receiving increasing support from the community and we are enjoying very much to see it grow. Today we’re announcing a new feature-packed version 1.3.0 and a new name for the project: namely Generator-M-Ionic. Find out why we think the new name better reflects the direction our generator is heading into and why it should be your first choice for professional HTML5 mobile app development with Ionic.

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An Introduction to Git, Part 1 of 3


We’ve been using Git as a versioning tool for most of our projects for several years by now. Despite this, there are several key questions that seem to crop up every so often. A lot of these questions are centered around the topics of branching, merging and rebasing. What is it, how does it work and why would I want to use it?. In the hope of reducing the confusion surrounding these topics, I’ve started to write a short series of posts.

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Increasing the stability of your enterprise systems running in the AWS cloud


We at M-Way Solutions are huge fans of Amazon’s EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) web services. They provide a very fast solution for creating and running servers, may it be for development or even production systems. If you need a new server, just start it with few clicks. As a developer, not having to wait for your admin to create a new server VM will make you very happy. And when you’re done, just terminate it and no more costs will be generated. Now that will make your CEO happy!

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How to test mobile apps


The final and most important step before release date

An app goes through a lot of different processes before it gets released. Of course every developer is convinced his product is totally free of bugs and errors. But this is nearly impossible. Because “zero programmers” only exist in a perfect world! Once I´ve read a quotation which describes this best: “To err is human. To err is also to code. Creating an error-free program is impossible because try as hard as you might, there will always be bugs.” With this article I want to show you a few points you should definitely check before release date! Because only a happy user is a paying user.

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Beacons: Context as a trigger


Beacons – everyone is talking about them. But what is the impact of this new technology? The answer is: it’s all about user experience. With beacons, it is possible for intelligence apps to extend the user’s context – they enable smartphone apps to detect their distance to other objects. Enterprises use this technology to offer location based services.

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!(JavaScript === JavaScript)


At M-Way, we love JavaScript. We use it for writing smartphone apps, command line tools like code generators and server-side node.js-style applications. Despite using the same programming language, it turns out that these types of projects are quite different and that “real” end-to-end JavaScript developers are Zen Masters – here is why…

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