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Super Scale Systems

The social web is alive! And with it all of its technical challenges. Never had the servers to answer that many requests, never to store so much data. While the technological leaders like Facebook and Google use highly customized super scale systems that run on provincial town sized server farms distributed all over the world current web frameworks barely offer a single strategy to scale. Where the leaders use highly efficient caching mechanisms, frameworks recalculate responses over and over again. Where the leaders automatically add new machines for processing, frameworks allow to manually add machines without a designated field of work.

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About Amazons Auto Scaling Features

The attached master thesis was written in the context of a project at M-Way Solutions. It’s about the implementation of a web application with Amazon Web Services and all the characteristics and opportunities that come along with cloud computing. The focus is on the Auto Scaling features which are provided by Amazon. The studies include an evaluation of how a given use case can be implemented with a steady performance of the application, regardless of the amount of users which use the service at the same time. The evaluation shows a working solution for this specific use case, which is however not the most cost-efficient solution.

The thesis was written in German: Automatische Skalierung mit AWS

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