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Isomorphic JavaScript – Build awesome webapps with the best of two worlds


Current state of App Development

With the raising of modern rich web applications it’s getting more and more important to improve the speed and the interactivity of mobile web applications. People are spoiled of native applications and compare the experiences of both worlds to each other. After several years of static web pages with thin client and fat server architecture the architecture switched to rich client architecture some years ago. This was definitely owed to the raise of Model View Controller JavaScript Frameworks like Backbone.js or AngularJS which made it possible to implement structured single page applications. The bulk of the Application lives now in the client, which offers the user a good performance after initial loading. The user has the possibility to navigate quickly without refreshing and can work offline if the implementation contains that. Server and Client are clearly separated. Front and backend developers don’t have to worry about the other part and can proceed separately. So it’s also no problem to write server and client side code in different programming languages.

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