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An Introduction to Git, Part 1 of 3


We’ve been using Git as a versioning tool for most of our projects for several years by now. Despite this, there are several key questions that seem to crop up every so often. A lot of these questions are centered around the topics of branching, merging and rebasing. What is it, how does it work and why would I want to use it?. In the hope of reducing the confusion surrounding these topics, I’ve started to write a short series of posts.

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Why Lollipop means business


In November 2014 Google released Android 5.0 (Lollipop). For consumers the most notable change is, without a doubt, material design. But new design elements and animations are not everything Lollipop has to offer. Behind the scenes Google has introduced new features targeted at enterprise customers.
Before the Lollipop release, integration into enterprise mobility management (EMM) was a challenging task.

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