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Managing tablets in kiosk scenarios


A couple of years ago, enterprises have started to discover scenarios for tablet usage, but so far only a few office scenarios can be experienced in reality. But tablets are not only suitable for office jobs – there are many scenarios where tablets can be useful, especially in kiosk scenarios. In this context, “kiosk” describes a massively restricted usage scenario cut down for very few purposes. In the field, this typically means that just one app is running full-screen while all other apps as well as the device’s settings are hidden from the end user. If businesses are not taking advantage, they could very well be missing out on a ton of business opportunities, potential sales, and untapped marketing channels.

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Understanding and enhancing the Mobile Application Lifecycle


At the present time, where mobile app development is getting commodity in IT departments of middle size and big companies, in agencies and standard software supplier, not the whole mobile app lifecycle is taken into consideration. The development process (!) is getting more and more streamlined through better coding tools (e.g. Eclipse ADT or XCode), code repositories like GIT or SVN and diverse testing tools like Crittercism. What app supplier not always understands is, that an app has a lifecycle and creating an app is not a process. Nowadays, topics like quality assessment, feedback and testing by real people in real environments is hard to do and mostly not easy to control. Additionally there are problems regarding versioning of apps and delivering the right app versions to the right people. To cover this app lifecycle we need to understand the “Mobile Application Lifecycle” concept.

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