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Agile UX Design – Creative UX Strategy in Action II


After our thoughts on having a great concept model from the last blog post of this series, I want to focus on agile user experience design. Agile was not conceived having the user experience or design in mind, but the changing nature of web and app development has led to a shift in the way of thinking that has forced these disciplines together. A lot has been talked about Agile UX so far. I joined a UX team about a year ago, at that time, we were just slightly integrated into the development cycle. I can say that both worlds have a lot in common: UX Design is not about making art, it is more than just a few UI sketches lying on top of each other.

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Mobile App UX Creative Strategy in Action


When it comes to employee satisfaction with corporate mobile apps “identifying use cases and user personas is key to designing rich, mobile app experiences that keep employees engaged and productive.” sates Scott Snyder, chief strategy officer at Mobiquity. In this blog post I focus on a mobile creative strategy in action approach to achieve greater affinity with consumers and therefore an improved user experience with corporate mobile applications.

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