One Step Further – BlueRange

BlueRange allows companies to digitize indoor spaces. With nearly complete coverage by mobile devices, the sales, service, production, exhibition and workspace has been missing out.

In addition to the optimization of the corresponding area, new possibilities for interaction, new data and insights are emerging.

BlueRange has the self-understanding of an end-to-end provider. The core of the product is the platform optimized by the many years of experience in this field, with the Relution EMM platform. SmartBeacon Management and the management of other IoT devices will be easier than ever with the platforms stack of tools and applications.

The worldwide unique protocol allows Beacons to network with each other and forms a so-called mesh. Instead of the standard flooding, a scatternet is in use, which allows higher data flow by lower energy consumption, thus providing the first true basis for battery-driven use cases. The beacons are forming a digital infrastructure in which various devices and sensors can be integrated.

Through close partnerships with specialist suppliers from different industries, BlueRange is developing specific applications for the increase in interaction.

As an integrated solution, BlueRange provides all relevant components for the operation, management and control of a SmartBeacon management system.

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