It’s time to look back over the blog highlights 2015


We’re approaching the end of another year and it’s time to take a look back over the last 12 months. Also, we would say thanks to all our awesome staff, who have contributed to the success of our thinking mobile blog and for sharing their unique knowledge. Here’s some of the blog highlights 2015 to read (or to read again).

  1. 10 Best Practices for Better Restful API
    Web APIs has become an very important topic in the last year. We at M-Way Solutions are working every day with different backend systems and therefore we know about the importance of a clean API design.
  2. First introductions Angular2 use Service, HTTP, Components and Routing
    We want to show you how to use angular2. First we need a functional Es6 to Es5 compiling Setup. For this Tutorial you need Node, Traceur, Gulp, Git and ruby sass. Actually i used angular2 alpha27, please notice angular2 is not production ready!
  3. Client vs serverside rendering – the big battle?
    When it comes to the development of a single page web application for mobile devices performance is a big deal. Smartphones are significantly less powerful than a desktop PC. Therefore, a test was setup to measure the time for different approaches in creating html on the client.
  4.  Unit Testing in AngularJS applications with Karma and Jasmine
    With modern web applications becoming more complex and powerful, there is a strong need to leave the old “this should work” mentality behind and write code that is reliable. Customer expectations are higher than ever and no one accepts errors anymore. Unit tests can make you feel confident about your code by verifying that all components work as expected. But besides the increased confidence you will get, writing unit tests can also improve the quality of the code itself.
  5. An Introduction to Git
    We’ve been using Git as a versioning tool for most of our projects for several years by now. Despite this, there are several key questions that seem to crop up every so often. A lot of these questions are centered around the topics of branching, merging and rebasing. What is it, how does it work and why would I want to use it?.

We wish you a merry Christmas and good fortune, success and well-being in the New Year 2016. Mobilizing Enterprises. M-Way Solutions.

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