BlueRange meshing now open source


The first connection based meshing algorithm for Bluetooth Low Energy has just recently been published under the name FruityMesh on GitHub. By using the nRF51 chipset from Nordic Semiconductors, it was possible to develop a mesh network that has a low latency and can still run on batteries.


  • Automeshing with the FruityMesh algorithm: Plug in your devices and they will connect to each other in an instant
  • Time synchronisation: Allows all nodes to timestamp their packets if needed
  • Modular structure: Easily add new functionality to devices and use the underlying mesh for transferring data
    • AdvertisingModule: Configure your node over the mesh to send iBeacon messages, EddyStone messages or any custom format you like.
    • StatusReporterModule: Monitor the connections, battery status and mesh status over the mesh
    • ScanReporterModule: Scan for other devices in the mesh and report them back to your system.
  • UART Terminal: Execute commands to test the mesh functionality and trigger actions
  • Debug Logger: Supports log tags and live filtering
  • Reliable and unreliable packets: Both WRITE_REQ and WRITE_CMD are supported for packet transmission
  • Encryption: Mesh connections can be encrypted (experimental)

Get the Source Code

The source code for the mesh is available on GitHub and is open to contributions from everyone:

Get started:


To get started, have a look at the extensive documentation in the GitHub wiki:

First of all, you have to configure your development environment which consists of Eclipse, the Nordic nRF51 SDK and some build tools. Be aware that this is not an easy process and requires quite a bit of work until everything is ready to compile. If you want to have something running as quickly as possible, you can flash a precompiled build on your dongles. I suggest that you have a look at the Quick Start page in the Wiki to get everything running.

If you have questions concerning the setup process or FruityMesh, we’re glad to help. Just post an issue on GitHub and mark it with the label “question”.

Relution IoT


BlueRange works with Relution IoT. This allows you to set up a mesh network in an instant and provides you with all the management capabilities that you’ll certainly need to manage a large number of Smart Beacons.

You can manage your beacons, set them up at different locations, control their behaviour and much more from the cloud.


BlueRange is our implementation that provides a full-stack mesh network based on the open source FruityMesh algorithm. It is built on top of the nRF51 SDK from Nordic and works together with the S130 SoftDevice.

We are hoping to set a standard that enables devices from different manufacturers to communicate with each other by conforming to the BlueRange protocol.



Besides optimising the core of FruityMesh by enhancing the meshing, we have a bold feature roadmap in front of us which includes firmware updates over the mesh, better monitoring support and a GATT bridge that will let us access existing devices over the mesh. We plan to make all this information available under our GitHub milestones.

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