CeBiT 2015 – The future of smart networks


This March, we visited the CeBiT 2015 in Hannover and everything revolved around the topic digital transformation. According to the motto „d!conomy“ (Digital Economy) it was clearly conveyed: More and more devices are connected intelligently and communicate with other devices, the cloud and the user.

Industry 4.0 machines, products, goods and objects will communicate with each other in the future. This means that devices, processes and the users will be connected together. This trend describes that almost every single device will be connected to appropriate technologies on the Internet. That leads to autonomously operating equipment, such as production facilities, home refrigerators or cars, that will be able to exchange information with each other.

For example there are intelligent sensors, GPS-Chips, radio transmitters installed in machines, facilities, devices, cars and smartphones. The applications and solutions of IoT (Internet of Things) are finally everywhere in the production process, in the final product or even in services. Particularly stunning presentations and exciting showcases took place in Hall 16. Companies presented their solutions from the fields of Digital Life, Smart City, Industrie 4.0 and Future Mobility.

Next to the topic Industry 4.0, the presentation of the 3D printer “Ultimaker 2“ by iGo3D was extremely interesting. This 3D printer works very precise and is able to print layers of only 0.02 mm. 3D printing is enabled for inexpensive and smaller devices, because iGo3D now provides cheap 3D printers for home usage, businesses, schools, educational institutions and industries. Thus, anyone can enter the world of 3D printing.

Since the CeBiT 2015, M-Way Solutions provides „Deutsche Telekom“ the Relution Enterprise Mobility Management Platform in the cloud for clients working in the field of the energy sector. The implementation and introduction of the solution for the this sector, such as the Mobile Asset Solutions (MAS) is accompanied by Confessio Management.

In addition, we have entered into new partnerships at the CeBiT. The Relution Enterprise Store got new partners who will officially be announced in the coming weeks.

Looking back, one thing is certain: Companies will have to decide on one of hundreds of IoT platforms, on which they will install and operate their first projects. The digital economy is in full swing- We will support you on this journey.

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