So long 2013 – looking back at this year’s blog highlights


We’re fast approaching the end of another year and it’s time to take a look back over the last 12 months. Also, we would like to express our thanks to all our awesome staff, who have contributed to the success of our thinking mobile blog and for sharing their knowledge. Here’s some of our 2013 blog highlights to read (or to read again).

  1. Client vs serverside rendering – the big battle?
    When it comes to the development of a single page web application for mobile devices performance is a big deal. Smartphones are significantly less powerful than a desktop PC. Therefore, a test was setup to measure the time for different approaches in creating html on the client.
  2. Offline/online synchronization with Bikini: All a model needs
    Bikini is not just a fancy name for an outfit where 90% of a woman’s body is exposed. Bikini in a mobile app developing context also tries to address the most common synchronization problems you have with a mobile app.
  3. Mobile App UX Creative Strategy in Action
    In this blog post we focus on a mobile creative strategy in action approach to achieve greater affinity with consumers and therefore an improved user experience with corporate mobile applications.
  4. 5 tips when designing a business app
    Compared to common consumer apps, where fancy design and complex animations are the key features, an enterprise app needs to improve the companies productivity by providing the functions and data needed in few simple steps to the user.
  5. Enterprise Mobility – The Value of Professional Services
    Enterprise mobility does not only replace “clipboard processes”, where papers and pencils are used, but also mobilize existing IT solutions.
  6. Next generation mobile device management: a rule-based concept
    Smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly important for companies. These mobile devices come with new challenges to security and privacy. In this context the policies and guidelines of each company have to be implemented.
  7. Enterprise mobility – the 5 key benefits of a MEAP
    The enterprise IT infrastructure has drastically changed over the last years, with mobility at the peak of the influence factor.
  8. Introducing iOS7 for enterprises
    Apple released iOS 7 on Sept. 18 this year and it offers several new features tailored for enterprise needs, thus giving iOS 7 better acceptance chances in an enterprise environment.
  9. Beyond apps – Mobile Enterprise Strategies (German)
    Choosing the right mobile strategy within your corporation is vital to unleash the full potential of a mobilized corporate infrastructure. Have a closer look at some important aspects of an integrated mobile strategy in this blog post based on our talk at Communication World 2013 in Munich.

We wish you a merry Christmas and good fortune, success and well-being in the New Year. Mobilizing Enterprises. M-Way Solutions.

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