Top 3 Takeaways from IT & Business Stuttgart 2013


After Nuremberg, we visited the IT & Business trade show, located in our hometown of Stuttgart. The IT & Business fair is dedicated to the topic of Document Management System (DMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in general.

As usual, the first morning was very calm, almost boring with more exhibitors than visitors. We had some hassle with our demos, because the network coverage was very poor and we could not get reliable connections. Nevertheless, we were not alone with that problem as we realized that most of the exhibitors were struggling with their demos as well. Finally, we found a trick to resolve the problem.

The CRM part of the show was very active with a lot of new products and aggressive marketing behind. UpdateCRM and myCRM had obviously spent a lot of money to draw attention. On the ERP side, most of the exhibitors were service related and consulting companies. Microsoft and SAP had huge platforms including many small booths for partners but with very little own presence. Mobility and HTML5 were prominently promoted as state of the art solutions, but scratching the surface, it became rapidly clear that the solutions where a simple browser based solutions with no offline working mode, no push-notification and overall poor security. We had several discussions with other exhibitors and it became quite clear that working offline was a strong customer requirement that could not be addressed by most mobile solutions.

Working offline helps you accessing your most important business data at any time anywhere. Intelligent synchronization with a mobility platform behind means that all relevant data will be available on your device, even by flacky or no internet connection. Further benefits are:

  • mobile access to enterprise backend
  • synchronize favorites
  • offline search functionality

Showing demos, was the ultimate argument for cutting short most discussions and to show off some inspiring examples. Summing up, here are our Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. There is a growing number of companies endorsing open source ERP systems. This is an inspiring trend that is very much in line with our philosophy at M-Way Solutions.
  2. The demand for mobile CRM was actually quite strong. This is certainly a general trend not exclusively limited to SAP CRM.
  3. The traction for mobile SAP CRM that we noticed at the DSAG 2013 was a clear confirmation on that issue.

M-Way Solutions had a wonderful time in Stuttgart at the IT & Business fair. Whether you stopped by our booth or got inspired by our product demos, we wanted to say thanks to everyone at the IT & Business fair for welcoming us.

One thought on “Top 3 Takeaways from IT & Business Stuttgart 2013

  1. Hans Müller

    Wichtig ist vor allem auch ein echter Mehrwert mobiler CRM Systeme. Nicht nur eine reine Abbildung des internen Systems, sondern auch angepasste Prozesse! Diesem Gedanken sollte ein Trend folgen. Danke für den Artikel – bitte mehr darüber!


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