Thoughts on DSAG-SAP Users Group Annual Conference 2013


We just spent 3 days at the DSAG 2013 – the German SAP Users Group annual conference. We have not seen the city of Nuremberg but we want to share the amazing experience we had being surrounded by “Homo SAPiens”.

The “Homo SAPiens” is a very diligent person who listens carefully to the SAP speakers, trying to understand what his future will be. Between the conferences, the “Homo SAPiens” is hungry and rushes to the SAP buffet five times a day. Eventually, on the way back from the food, he may see the small booth from M-Way Solutions. Accidentally he may even start a conversation. The dialog with M-Way Solutions is difficult, because we do not speak ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) language but languages like Javascript and other open standards.

However, interactive demonstrations speak for themselves and are quite easier to understand. Especially our Vitamins Mobile CRM draw attention to some desperate “SAPiens” who have been trying to mobilize SAP CRM for months, restarting three times the project based on different technologies and still don’t know how they could provide sales forces with a good working solution. For them, M-Way Solutions was some kind of “light at the end of the tunnel”.

Besides the MDM Afaria – a mobile device, content and app management solution, mobility was actually not really highlighted by SAP speakers. The major topic was HANA, the in-memory accelerator that enables real-time processing. For mobility, there were a few contributions showing Web applications based on SAPUI5 – a HTML5 presentation layer for ABAP programmers. SAP FIORI was also introduced here and there as an application suite that is still in the growth phase, mobilizing simple use cases on top of SAPUI5. A couple of companies presented a mobile framework to create mobile apps based on SAPUI5. Finally, it’s worth nothing that besides M-Way Solutions, there was only one more company presenting an independent mobile platform connectable to SAP.

DSAG Annual Conference 2013. Let us know what you think.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on DSAG-SAP Users Group Annual Conference 2013

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