Super Scale Systems

The social web is alive! And with it all of its technical challenges. Never had the servers to answer that many requests, never to store so much data. While the technological leaders like Facebook and Google use highly customized super scale systems that run on provincial town sized server farms distributed all over the world current web frameworks barely offer a single strategy to scale. Where the leaders use highly efficient caching mechanisms, frameworks recalculate responses over and over again. Where the leaders automatically add new machines for processing, frameworks allow to manually add machines without a designated field of work.

Scales comes to the rescue! It’s a super scale web framework developed with the knowledge of this thesis that clearly splits up responsibilities and makes them individually scaleable. No response is calculated twice as 100% of the resources are stored in a highly efficient, distributed key-value storage. The content itself is created with common, well-known frameworks like the beautiful Ruby on Rails and the whole system can be monitored using a website that updates in real-time. The universal design goals for the framework are examined using load tests and experiments that put a light on the latest system limits, I/O strategies, protocols and caching technologies.

Thomas Fankhauser, M.Sc, working for M-Way recently published his master thesis on Super Scale Systems. Learn more:

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