Introducing The-M-Project

The-M-Project is an HTML5 Javascript framework for writing cross-platform mobile apps. It lets app developers write code once and run it on every HTML5 ready smartphone: easy deployment on your web server, no app store fees and the ability to create apps with a rich user experience.

We’re bringing together the best of both worlds: the mobile environment and all these cool new technologies emerging around the web. The framework is written in pure JavaScript and built with MVC in mind. We’re still in an early alpha phase but already offer some cool features:

  • Data Binding
  • Wrapper for HTML5 LocalStorage persistence
  • A collection of UI Elements (Label, TextField, Toolbar, ScrollView, TabBar and some others)
  • Multi-device capable rendering based on jQuery mobile

All you early adopters: check out our github repository, the wiki or our sample ToDo app. To experience the full power of the app, use your iPhone, Android or BlackBerry smartphone and save the bookmark to your homescreen.

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